Film as D.W.Sage

The Forest's Bridge

16 min 56 sec · Coming soon.

Collaboration with Anna Bergström.

A Journey of Change

21 min 27 sec · Watch "A Journey of Change" on Vimeo

A short documentary about a family's transition into a more sustainable life in Stockholm's outer suburbs.

A Slower Journey

23 min 58 sec · Watch "A Slower Journey" on Vimeo

A deeply personal and experimental documentary, at its core A Slower Journey is a personal letter to the audience. A conversation about waking up to the world around us and a reflection about change in our lives. It touches on our relationship to ourselves, each other, nature and the environment, within my limited capacity.


1 min 17 sec · Watch "Stillness?" on Vimeo

Follow up to "The Journey is Home", continuing on the path of transition, old patterns emerge and the journey is not as straight forward as one thought it would be.

The Journey is Home

52 sec · Watch "The Journey is Home" on Vimeo

The first step towards transition is to awake and process a new personal reality. This film is a short reflection on the direction I took, what lead me away from the life I knew and onto a new adventure of exploration and discovery.

By sharing our experiences, we inspire and give each other strength to take the necessary steps towards the changes we desperately long for.

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